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Morgéta Electric Bollards


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Electric Bollards



Automation offers a large range of Electric Automatic Bollards and Rising Kerbs. These call be supplied and installed to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial customers across the region and the UK. Designed for anti ram prevention – all of our bollards are used in a large array of sites including airports, government buildings and embassies throughout England, Wales and the UK.


Morgeta Electric bollards are typically integrated with access control systems like card or proximity readers, intercoms for deliveries or visitors and even number plate recognition ANPR cameras.


We can provide a fully comprehensive service for bollard installation to our businesses and commercial clients.


Our design team can propose the most practical and effective solutions based on your needs and site conditions.


Installations include and are not limited to:

-Rising Bollards with Card or Ticket Entrance

-Rising Bollards with Keypad Entrance

-Rising Bollards with RFID Proximity Tag Entrance

-Rising Bollards Loop Exits

-Rising Bollards with Remote Calling Entrance

-Rising Bollards with ANPR Entrance

We cover installations and projects for Schools, Councils, Private Businesses and Public Sectors.


Automated Gate Servicing

Planned Gate Maintenance

We can provide a regular maintenance program with qualified electricians to ensure your automated gate systems are working correctly and have a long life.

We have maintenance contracts from 1 to 3 years. Contracts are subject to a site visit and assessment of your gates and the condition of your access control and automation.

Parts that need to be replaced will be quoted for and we will always inform you to why they need replacement. Contracts include 3 callouts per annum.

If you take up one of our maintenance contracts you can expect an annual inspection as well as:

- A check of all torque settings and fasteners to ensure they are within safety limits and recommended values and are not corroded.

- Lubrication check and refill if required.

- Check and lubricate any hinges, levers and arms.

- Check of foundations and pillars for subsidence and or cracks and instability.

- Checking of all welds for cracks, missing coating and corrosion.

- Checking of seals and bearings.

- Ensuring your access control systems are working as intended

- Ensuring all seals and housings are leak free.

Your annual maintenance check will be within 5-6 months and can be booked at a time to suit your schedule.