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Bespoke Electric Gates

Electric Gates

Bespoke Electric Gates and Entrances

As a tried and trusted supplier of Electric Gates for a number of years, including fitting of automated gates, we have the experience and know how to fit a number of bespoke designed gates systems to your property.

Our designs enhance the look of any property whilst providing valuable additional security and we always go above and beyond our clients expectations.

Once a customer has chosen a gate design we carry out a full technical survey on the installation site to ensure we can deliver a gate system that is suitable for your requirements and will stand the test of time.

We will also ensure all groundworks are carried out to provide a seamless installation of your gate system.

Finishes and Quality

All our gates are engineered to be sturdy and use materials and finishes that are proven to last. All
metal gates are ground, fettled, shot blasted, primed with an anti-corrosion primer and then powder coated to provide a strong, chip resistant and corrosion proof finish that will last many years.

All our gates go through an engineering inspection before delivery to site to ensure the finish and dimensions are to standard and that any of our gates are straight and level.

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